Bad news, but then my day was made better by the fact my partner is amazing!

You know that feeling when you just know something isn’t right but you’re not sure what – you just can’t quite put your finger on it. Well that was my morning. I just felt down and out of sorts and really kind of eurgh.

Breakfast was 2 slices of Kingsmill 50/50 crusts away with 10g of Bertolli light and a Dolce Gusto cafe au lait – a grand total of 169 calories. I don’t have some weird aversion to crusts, they just didn’t have my usual bread when I went shopping and this was the only low cal bread that was reasonably fresh.

Lunch wasn’t anything exciting either, thought it did taste great. I had a Tesco Chicken Tikka ready meal – 354cal, a Greek yogurt with Cherry compote – 81 cal and a Dolce Gusto Cortado – 26 cal = 461 calories.

I then got the news this afternoon that a dear family friend had passed away. We knew it was imminent – she was originally told she wouldn’t make it to last Christmas and ended up buying her kids and grandchildren’s present back in July in preparation. It still came as a shock though and it still feels so sudden. I sort of stumbled through the rest of the afternoon and if you ask me now what I did, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. πŸ’”πŸ˜’

Tea time came around and I realised I needed to pick myself up and crack on. My partner was due home from work and he always walks through the door starving. So out came the Gousto ingredients

It was a super simple meal to cook as most of the ingredients were just mixed up together in a bowl, ready to be poured on later. The rice was microwaved which meant I just had to do the green beans and the fish in the pan, along with the stuff I’d mixed earlier and thus we had – Steamed miso fish with brown basmati rice – 471 calories! This is how it turned out

After tea my fella gave me a huge bag of goodies that he had been into town to get me as a well done for losing 13.5 lb last week. He just wanted me to know how proud he was of me, not for losing the weight as such but for saying I wanted to do something and then doing everything in my power to achieve it and for laying myself bare on the internet for the world to see (well the few people who follow me anyway πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚).

The first bag he gave me was absolutely stuffed with goodies to pamper myself – face masks, foot masks, eye masks, bath bombs, jelly bombs, bath confetti and some little fruity rubber ducks to keep me company in the tub πŸ›€ πŸ¦†

My second bag contained some fabulous little bits to add to my ever growing Harry Potter collection (it’s taking over the house). These items definitely meant the most to me as they came from Primark. Now I know that may sound a little silly, but if you’ve ever ventured into our store you will see instantly how busy it is, even on a week day. You see, my partner struggles with ADHD and mental health problems and crowds send his anxiety into overdrive. Because of this he absolutely despises having to go into Primark so to know not only had he gone in but he had done it alone……..I’m in awe of him. He’s an absolute superstar and I really don’t know what I ever did to deserve him. I do know though that he has loved me at my absolute worst and he truly deserves me at my best.

After tea I really needed some comfort food. In the past I would have ordered hot waffles and cookie dough with ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel spread and lashings of cream to be delivered to my door (remember in a previous post when I said I lived in one of the unhealthiest towns in the country! Sometimes I think I was solely responsible for keeping the dessert bar in buisnessπŸ˜‚). Tonight though I headed straight to the freezer – I’d anticipated a time like this and was ready……I’d already stocked up on Halo Top and Breyers ice creams! I made myself a huge bowl of jelly and ice cream – 1 cal for the jelly and I had a double portion of Halo Top Birthday cake flavour ice cream – 140calories. Who knew you could have a bowl like this for 141 cals 😱

Now I’m going to lie in bed and binge watch some Netflix (I was going to watch Harry Potter on the tv but I really can’t cope with Dumbledore dying right now) whilst remembering what a beautiful, amazing person my fella is and reminding myself not to smother him with a pillow when he starts snoring like a warthog with a blocked nose 🀣🀣🀣

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