Back to my Mon-Fri routine and feeling safe again!

I’m sure my migraine yesterday was caused by my anxiety about the weekend . I woke up this morning still feeling a little delicate but my mental health was back in balance. The security I feel from knowing it’s Monday and that means it’s 5 days to myself and I can follow my plan easily is beautiful.

This morning I told myself I would try to make a point of eating breakfast this week as I missed it so many times last week from either being to busy or just not feeling hungry and completely forgetting about it. So I made myself a massive bowl of fruit and tipped a yogurt on top – a super tasty breakfast in seconds (and if you ask me, better than a fry up) 217 cals. 🍓 🍌 🍇

On to lunch and I was still so full from all that fruit that I didn’t realise it was lunchtime until almost 2pm. I grabbed a Tesco ready meal out of the fridge that was about to go out of date. Chicken, potatoes, carrots, peas and gravy – 257 cals. I fancied something a little sweet so I had a Curiously Cinnamon cereal bar – 103cals and of course my coffee – 26 cals = 386. Once I get this diet underway properly I should probably look into how much caffeine I drink and try to work on it.For tea we made one of the Gousto meals we had delivered this afternoon. We had chosen one meal that was slightly higher in calories than I would normally choose but it was still well within my daily allowance. We made the chicken and spinach pesto pasta – 621 cals. Wow, it tasted amazing and was soooo filling – there was no way I was going to finish the bowl. It was super easy to make and only contained 6 ingredients. You could easily change up a couple of the ingredients too if you wanted to save more calories – something I will be doing next time I make it as I will have purchased the ingredients myself. I’ll switch out the soft cheese for quark, the Italian hard cheese for low fat cheese and the pesto for a low fat version.

A little tip if you like cheese is to grate it on a zester instead of a cheese grater – it comes out very fine and goes much, much further. Because it’s so fine it tricks your mind into thinking you are having a lot more than you actually are. We used to go through a block a week when we grated on a cheese grater. Now we use the zester that same block will last over a month as grating just 20g is more than enough for 2 people when on a salad or baked on top of lasagne/ pasta etc.

If you do fancy giving one of the Gousto boxes a go then use my referral for some exclusive discounts – I love Gousto and I think you will too! Use code DANIE16626998 to get an exclusive 60% off your first box, PLUS 30% off for a whole month.

So today I’ve had 1300 calories in total. Now I’m off to have a chamomile tea and do a bit more of my Harry Potter jigsaw (oh yes, I’m a mega Potterhead ⚡️❤️⚡️)

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