Only two more days till weigh in and worrying about the weekend.

I’ve done really well with my food this week. In fact I’ve found it really easy to stick to plan and have averaged between 1100 and 1300 calories per day. However it’s just hit me that the reason I have probably found it easy is because I’ve been at home on my own for most of each day. I’ve been able to occupy my mind doing things and haven’t had anyone around me eating naughty foods.

This is today’s food and has been typical of what I’ve had each day. I always struggle with breakfast – it’s around 10:30-11am before I get hungry, but I’ve been forcing myself to have just a little of something a bit earlier as I’ve had it drilled into me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I’ve managed to have a bit of fruit with my coffee each day. Lunch has been a health ready meal from Tesco (I’m still recovering from surgery and standing is very painful so I’m limiting cooking to one meal a day at the moment). Today’s lunch was prawn linguine, a Greek yogurt with cherry compote and another coffee (I’ve actually cut down by about 6 cups a day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜±πŸ˜œ). Tea was Sweet chilli turkey rice, which was made from scratch and only contained 479 calories. It took less than 10 minutes to cook and was super filling. I usually have a bag of hula hoops puft for supper but tonight I had a huge sweet craving so instead I had a 1 cal pot of jelly from ASDA and some Halo Top Birthday cake flavour ice cream (think I just found my new favourite ice cream- it’s so yummy I drooled over it and then licked the bowl clean….don’t judge me πŸ˜†πŸ€€πŸ˜‹) and all for just 71 calories.

I’m now starting to really panic about the weekend. I’m going into town shopping with my partner and usually we would grab some breakfast on the way – be it a full English from the cafe or a fat cake from the bakery. Then we’d have lunch somewhere (never healthy) and pick up some Krispy Kreme on the way home. Now I can’t do any of that and that doesn’t bother me in the slightest for myself but what about my partner? Should he go without because I have to? No he bloody well shouldn’t! But I know he will because he’s bloody amazing. The biggest issue though is that I cannot think of a single place to eat that would be healthy. I think I live in one of the unhealthiest towns in the country……..I know of fried chicken shops that have opened next door to another fried chicken shop, we have retail parks that barely contain any shops that aren’t fast food places. Even the places that should be healthy have so few options if you’re trying to count calories – it all seems to be aimed towards bodybuilders, high protein but also high calories.

I always have a problem finding drinks wherever I go, it’s been that way for years – although thanks to the sugar tax it is getting slightly easier. I’m diabetic so I always go for the sugar free version. After seeing what I used to eat you may wonder why I bothered with sugar free but for some reason the sugar in drinks seems to hit me harder than the sugar in food – perhaps because of the amount I drink per day (about 4 litres in total). Anyway, unless you’ve also been looking for sugar free alternatives you may not realise the struggle. Almost all establishments only offer Diet Coke/ Pespsi or water. Not great choices if you’re trying to avoid caffeine and don’t like plain water. I’ve never understood how there are so many sugar free options in the shops yet restaurants/pubs never stock them. There’s Fanta, Tango, Vimto, Irn Bru, Lilt to name a few. Even shops don’t seem to stock them in their fridges – they are full of full fat, high sugar versions but if you’re trying to watch what you put in your body then you have to buy the lukewarm piss versions of the shelves! In an age were more people are watching what they eat/drink than aren’t, you’d expect it to be the other way round really.

Well enough of my ranting. Let’s get back to my point…..the weekend. I’ll manage to grab a tiny, overpriced sandwich from somewhere and be on my merry way but what about the rest of the weekend. I’ll have to deal with watching my partner eat all the things I want to have but can’t. I’m certainly not going to ask him to deny himself – he has no need to. I’ll have to watch friends eat and drink and tell them I’m happy drinking my flavoured water (which I am), but I’ll have to laugh along and pretend I’m not missing necking that bottle of wine and scoffing all that cheese and pizza (whilst slowly dying inside πŸ˜‚) 🍷 πŸ§€ πŸ•

Please God tell me it gets easier. I’m refusing to weigh myself until Monday morning as I don’t want to fall into the trap of daily weigh ins and then being disappointed when the numbers don’t go down, so that means I haven’t even got a loss yet to spur me on and pull me through. Still I’m determined and I guess in the end my will power is all that matters.

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