I didn’t realise how badly I ate.

I didn’t realise how bad my diet was until I took this images that I’ve posted on my Facebook account.

I honestly used to wonder how I got so big when I didn’t eat that often. Every story I’d read about someone’s transformation always started with how much they used to eat – 5 bacon butties, a packet of biscuits, 3 pizzas, a multipack of crisps and 3 litres of coke a day – you know how it goes. I’d read the stories and look at my stomach and wonder what was going on – I only ate at meal times and didn’t really snack. Plus I always chose the sugar free option when buying fizzy pop and I’ve never had sugar in a brew.

I now realise how deluded I was 😱. After collating the images I see what I was eating. Cake for breakfast, a ridiculous sized burger, fries and a milkshake for lunch then a pub meal or a take out for tea followed by ice cream. Some days I’d go all day without food then go to an all you can eat restaurant and eat about 3 days worth of calories in one go.

Thankfully I’ve realised now and can make a change before it gets completely out of hand. So this week it’s been fruit for breakfast, a healthy ready meal for lunch ( I know it should be something homemade but I’m still recovering from surgery and I can only stand long enough to cook properly once a day). I’m making a cooked from scratch healthy meal for tea. I’m also making sure I drink more water so that’s helping to keep me feeling full and is stopping me from snacking too much.

Tonight’s tea was the first one I’ve actually remembered to take a picture of before devouring it (by not snacking, boy am I ready to eat by my meal time 😁) Chicken schnitzel with a garlic topper, green beans and lemon potatoes. Wow, it was so good and only 467 calories and 5.4g fat.

I’m still shocked that I can feel so full from so few calories. When I ate badly I would feel full immediately but then I’d start feeling hungry again after an hour or so – I guess that was all that nasty sugar and processed rubbish. This week I’ve eaten so little yet because it’s the right foods I’ve stayed full more much longer.

It really does pay to eat well…….if only I’d listened to all the people telling me that 200lbs ago. Hindsight is a beautiful thing 🤣🤣🤣

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